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Struggly Classroom

Struggly Classroom supports the learning of conceptual mathematics that is critical for students from ages five to twelve and beyond.

  • Math as a creative, visual, connected subject
  • Growth mindset messages and badges
  • Investigative exploring
  • Nurturing a deep understanding of mathematical ideas
  • 23 tasks with 266 levels in total
  • 1-3 new tasks per month which might include over 30 levels
  • Teachers can assign a task of the day
PDF of released tasks and scheduled releases for 2023 sorted by topic. Download details here
An illustration of a brain lifting weights Struggle and Persistence Encouraging struggle and persistence.
An illustration of a flower Growth Mindset Encouraging a growth mindset to enhance all learning.
An illustration of a brain with a stop watch icon Deep Understanding Access to deep, connected, mathematics learning.
Our product is browser-based. Students need access to a browser and an internet connection to use Struggly at school. Download details here
We take Data Privacy very seriously, following the strict guidelines set out by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Download details here

Please contact us if you have questions or need more details about subscribing to Struggly Classroom.