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Struggly Classroom

Struggly Classroom supports the learning of conceptual mathematics that is critical for students from ages five to twelve and beyond.

  • Math as a creative, visual, connected subject
  • Growth mindset messages and badges
  • Investigative exploring
  • Nurturing a deep understanding of mathematical ideas
  • 47 tasks with almost 500 levels in total
  • 1-3 new tasks per month, with appr. 10 levels
  • Teachers can assign a task of the day
Tailored Plan
For schools and districts looking to purchase multiple accounts and more than 30 student licenses. Let us create a plan that meets your individual needs.
Starter Plan
For educators looking to purchase a single account with 30 student licenses. Includes the option for a free trial for 21 days.

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PDF of released tasks and scheduled releases for 2023 sorted by topic.

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An illustration of a brain lifting weights Struggle and Persistence Encouraging struggle and persistence.
An illustration of a flower Growth Mindset Encouraging a growth mindset to enhance all learning.
An illustration of a brain with a stop watch icon Deep Understanding Access to deep, connected, mathematics learning.