Unlock your child’s limitless potential with math education based in neuroscience.

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It’s true, success is all about connections.

Neuroscience research shows: the highest achieving people in the world are those with the most connected brains. Struggly gives children lots of opportunities to develop brain connections with multiple forms of math.

How brain connections are formed with visual math.

Think of an ideal gym – but for the brain.

The best times for our brains and learning are when we are struggling. If your children are working at the edge of their understanding, find something difficult, and keep going, their brains get the best possible workout. Uffff.

Jo on the importance of struggle.

What really ‘clicked’ will never ‘crack’ – not even under pressure.

Our working memory fails us in stressful exams without deep understanding of number sense. Struggly helps children develop a number sense that becomes second nature and that they can rely on at all times.

How learning through strategies achieves “superior performance”.

See your investment grow – instead of your problems.

Today, math anxiety begins as early as age five and often increases throughout the school years to the point where math is avoided altogether. Struggly takes a preventive approach, laying the foundation for solid math understanding (and enthusiasm) in the critical age period.

The perfect addition to any math curriculum.

For children from five to twelve years.

Family Account

You can create up to five children’s accounts. Progress and badges are saved for each child individually.

Individual Task Schedule

Your children’s development is tracked using an algorithm and their task schedule is individually adjusted.

Parent Guide

We provide parental support with tips and advice to guide your kids’ math learning.

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In our platform we teach students to struggle and enjoy it, as struggling is good for brain growth.

Watch a message from our founder Dr. Jo Boaler, acclaimed author and Nomellini-Olivier Professor of Mathematics Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

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Jo Struggly co-founder

From published research studies on Jo Boaler's approach:

An approach to mathematics that creates results.
cloud 50%

improvement in test
scores after 4 weeks of

flower 63%

of students scored more
highly on state tests after
an online course

balloons 68%

of students were more
engaged in math class
after an online course

Don’t just take our word for it.

Our students LOVE Struggly. You’ve created an excellent, fun, and engaging learning tool that challenges even the teachers at times!

Ashli Kessinger
Teacher at Grizzly Challenge Charter School

I would enthusiastically recommend Struggly to anyone with children (or anyone at all!) My children beg to play Struggly each night (as opposed to their console video games), and then beg for "extra time" when their allotted time is up - which is easy to grant since it's a learning tool. ()

Emily A
Mother of two children

My nine-year-old son dislikes math and resists doing anything with numbers. But with Struggly, he loves doing tasks with numbers. For the first time ever, he’s excited to do math and I see him challenging himself to play with numbers and find new patterns. Thank you, Struggly, for unlocking the “fun” in math!

Dani Quinto
4th Grade Teacher, Interim Preschool-8th Grade Curriculum Coordinator

My son felt safe exploring mathematical concepts AND making mistakes as he went. I observed that this allowed him to have an open mind about new concepts that he would normally have wanted to quit at the first sign of difficulty or misunderstanding. ()

Tricia Pelleriti
3rd grade teacher, San Anselmo, CA

As a teacher, I have spent hours trying out math applications to recommend to families, and finally feel I can wholeheartedly recommend this one that was thoughtfully created by Dr. Boaler and the whole Struggly team. ()

Amy Carman
California Elementary School Teacher