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On our platform, we give children lots of opportunities to develop brain connections, with tasks that ask them to think with numbers and also to think with different visuals. Some of the tasks like Four 4's, help students practice numbers and number relationships. Others, like Turn the Frown, are pattern-based. Children who learn to investigate and use patterns are learning a very important part of mathematics.

Our tasks are designed for devices larger than smartphones – like tablets, laptops, or desktops. The demos do not include our Parent Guide or badges. Your progress won't be saved.

Four 4’s

This is a very rich and engaging task for children and adults. To make all the numbers between 1 and 20 your children will use and practice different operations, including adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying. This task will help develop number sense through a fun and flexible challenge.

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Four 4's Poster
Leap Frogs Poster

Leap Frogs

This is a game that develops strategy and problem solving with numbers. The goal is for the frog groups to switch sides! It particularly improves children’s ability to think ahead, holding mathematical structures in their mind. As the number of frogs increases, the challenge level increases dramatically!

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