A different way to learn, think and grow.

Recent years have seen an explosion of scientific evidence showing there is a better way to learn mathematics.

#1 Learning Key 1:24

#1 Learning Key

Every time we learn, our brains form, strengthen, or connect neural pathways.

#2 Learning Key 2:11

#2 Learning Key

The best times for our brains are when we find work difficult and when we are struggling and making mistakes.

#3 Learning Key 3:28

#3 Learning Key

When we change our beliefs, our bodies and our brains physically change as well.

#4 Learning Key 2:19

#4 Learning Key

Research has shown that there are five pathways in the brain that are involved when we work on mathematics; two of them are visual.

#5 Learning Key 1:52

#5 Learning Key

Mathematics is a subject of big ideas and connections, and the best way to approach and understand mathematics is through careful, deep thinking.

#6 Learning Key 1:32

#6 Learning Key

Reasoning is at the heart of mathematics. Connecting with people and ideas enhances neural pathways and learning.